A 12 week training and excursion into an unreached People Group.

The first half consists of training right here in Canada. The second half holds the journey into a very remote place in a foreign country. We refer to it as “the bush”. There are many components to the training and the outreach, but the end goal is always to get the gospel to those who have never heard the good news of Jesus before. We get to bring it to them for the first time!


Those 18 – 30 years of age.

If you are younger or older than that, and feel this is exactly what you were born to do, give us a call. There are things for all of us to do to get this giant task done.



Anywhere the gospel hasn’t been.

Many of the unreached people groups live in what’s referred to as the 10/40 window. We have people on the ground treading through the jungle and desert, the mountains and swamp-lands to find those remaining tribes and language groups. Much prayer and preparation go into determining which ethnic group is next. Our next trip will take us to Southeast Asia and we would love for you to consider joining us.


We are taking applications for September, 2019. For more information contact us at marie@missiononeelven.com

Will you join us?!


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Expedition Dates

  • We are thankful that you have decided to apply for admission to Mission One Eleven Canada. We believe that it should be a birthright for every person born to have one chance to respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our vision is to complete the assignment given to Christians in Matthew 24:14.
  • Completion dates are subject to change.

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Tuition and Costs

  • Expenses *Personal spending money for Canada or abroad is not included in MOE: Canada tuition
    Over Seas Outreach Accredited Coursework
    Meals Cooking/Camping Supplies
    Local Outreach Hotel and Housing
    Local Transportation Overseas Transportation
    Round Trip Airfare/Visas Translators/Guides
    Pioneer Training: $1500 CAD Overseas Assignment: $TBA
  • One month prior to training day, the first $1500 is due along with your passport. The final amount is due at the start of training. There is a no refund policy on all student tuition; although exceptions will be made for dire emergencies. There may be an additional postage fee required for your visa application that is not covered in student tuition. Make out cheques to Bramalea Christian Fellowship with "Mission One Eleven" and your name in the memo line.
    Student tuition is distinct and separate from the finances needed for your personal supplies for the field. Mission One Eleven is not held accountable for the collection or distribution of student finances needed for personal supplies. This must be clarified by each student to their donor while raising finances. If tuition turned in exceeds more than the total amount needed for an individual student, the excess funds will be applied to another student still in need.

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  • Mission One Eleven offers a unique environment committed to fostering the spiritual development of students, for the purpose of impacting the world for Christ. To ensure this environment is beneficial for all students, there are certain behavioral standards that guide Mission One Eleven participants.As a patricipant, you are not expected to be a perfect person, but a person actively pursuing spiritual growth within a diverse community of Christian missionaries. Mission One Eleven leaders are eager to serve you and the community by providing support and accountability. As an institution, Mission One Eleven reserves the right to refuse admittance and/or dismiss any person who does not conform to the standards, principles, policies, and expectations of the Organization.

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